Work Visa

A 'Work Visa' is issued to individuals who have entered into a contract to assist or render service to a firm/ company undertaking business in Algeria for over 90 days.

Work Visa - Documents Checklist Click here to download and bring the document checklist.

Sr. No. Documents
1 Travel Documents And Pictures
1.1 Valid Indian Passport for 6 months from date of entry.
1.2 Two complete Visa Application form typed with the original signature of the applicant.
1.3 Two recent passport size photographs of applicant.
1.4 A photocopy of the return confirmed travel ticket.
1.5 Passport Copy (first and last page of the passport mentioning the name of parents).
2 Additional Document
2.1 (Contract de travail ) Work contract signed by the employer in Algeria.
2.2 (Engagement de Repatriement) Attestation of repatriation signed by the employer and sealed by the labor office of the wilaya (province) where the applicant will be working.
2.3 (Authorization Provisoire) Temporary work permit delivered by the Ministry of Labor, Department of Labor at the wilaya (province) where the employer is based.
2.4 (Engagement de Recrutement)