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  • Please be informed that Embassy of Algeria issues visas according to the purpose of travel for those intending to enter Algeria, provided that all relevant and complete documents are submitted upon visa request. However, having a visa in your passport does not automatically guarantee your entry in the country of Algeria. The permission to enter Algeria and the length of period of your stay rests solely with the Algeria Immigration Authorities.
  • To apply for a visa, an applicant must possess a valid passport that is recognized by the Algerian Government and its relevant regulations. In addition, the visa applicant must be outside of Algeria at the time of application. The applicant will be issued with a type of visa in accordance to his or her purpose of visit. Please note that the period of visa validity is different from the period of stay. Visa validity is the period during which a visa can be used to enter Algeria. The validity of a visa is issued with discretion by the Embassy of Algeria and is mentioned on the visa sticker.
  • Proof of Legal Stay in India and Proof that foreigners can return to India (e.g. NORI) are required for visa applications submitted by foreign nationals.
  • Foreign Tourists are not eligible to apply for Algeria Visa from India. However, Foreign Nationals who are LEGALLY working, residing or studying in India are only eligible to apply for an Algerian Visa from India.
  • Foreigners entering Algeria are not permitted to work, regardless of their types of visa, unless they are granted a work permit. Those who intend to work in Algeria must hold the correct type of visa to be eligible to apply for a work permit.

Visa Categories

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